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photo by Brenda Scott

photo by Brenda Scott

About Paradise Photography

My name is George Neece, and Paradise Photography is the home of my online galleries.

Most of the photographs here were taken for the purpose of identification and record. Others encouraged me to present a selection of the bird photographs in a bird exhibit at the Upper Gallery of the Kirby Cultural Arts Complex in Roxboro, NC, in November of 2018. On this site you will see exhibit photographs as well as those strictly for identification. I hope that these photographs will inspire others to get outdoors and enjoy the flora and fauna of familiar places.

This site is a new endeavor and new (and old) images are being added frequently. Please check back for updates or get in touch if you have a question.

About George Neece

I spent most of my life employed as a scientist, studying theoretical aspects of physical chemistry. I hold a doctorate in that field. My more exciting times began when I married my wonderful wife who owned a better camera than I in 1962; the camera was not the reason for our marriage. We discovered and photographed wildflowers in the gorges around Ithaca, NY where we were both doing postdoctoral studies at Cornell University in 1967 and 1968. Thus began my attempts at wildlife photography. My photographer hero was Ansel Adams whom I met in the Washington, DC area. He was my inspiration for the art of photography but not for studying wildlife. Wildflowers have been a passion of mine for over 50 years. I coauthored a paper on the discovery of a species of trilliums when I was teaching chemistry at the University of Georgia. I began photographing wildflowers around Lake Gaston and other parts of North Carolina about twenty years ago. My amateur interests in learning about birds and then photographing them began about four years ago when I started “birding” with my friend, Colonel Paul Scharf, a true (and published!) expert on birds.